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Put on the Full Armor of God: Choosing Strength in a Challenging World


In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, the concept of strength takes on new meaning. While society often portrays strength as an inherent quality, the Bible teaches us that it's a choice we can make each day. In this blog, we'll explore the idea that strong women are not just born; they are made through choices and the decision to "Put on the full armor of God." We'll examine the relevance of this biblical phrase in understanding the true essence of strength.

The Illusion of Personality:

In today's world, the term "strong woman" is sometimes misconstrued as an unchanging personality trait. People may perceive it as someone who exudes self-confidence, determination, and fearlessness from the moment they are born. However, genuine strength goes beyond a mere personality.

The Bible and Strength:

The Bible is a wellspring of wisdom that provides profound insights into what it means to be a strong woman. Ephesians 6:11 (NIV) beautifully illustrates the concept that strength is a choice:

"Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."

This verse reminds us that strength is not something innate but a conscious decision to put on spiritual armor. It suggests that being a strong woman involves choosing to stand firm against life's challenges, armed with faith, virtue, and grace.

The Choice of Strength:

  1. Faith: A strong woman makes the choice to have faith in God, trusting in His guidance even in the face of uncertainty.

  2. Virtue: True strength includes the conscious choice to uphold moral and ethical values, living a life of integrity and righteousness.

  3. Grace: The grace to deal with difficult circumstances and individuals is a choice. Strong women choose to respond with kindness and patience.

  4. Truth: Choosing to stand for truth, even when it's unpopular or challenging, is a testament to a woman's strength.

  5. Prayer: A strong woman chooses to stay connected with God through prayer, seeking strength and guidance in her daily walk.


Being a strong woman is not about inheriting certain personality traits but about making a daily choice to put on the full armor of God. This means embracing faith, virtue, grace, truth, and prayer as sources of strength.

In a world where challenges abound, the biblical wisdom to "Put on the full armor of God" reminds us that strength is not a given but a choice we make each day. By doing so, we can become the strong women we aspire to be, making the world a better place through our actions and choices.

In the tapestry of life, each woman weaves her unique path towards strength. Through the conscious decision to put on the full armor of God, we can face life's trials with confidence and grace, reflecting the true essence of strength as taught in the Bible.

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