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Your Personality Determines Your Fairness: Unveiling Strength in Strong Women


In a world that continuously evolves and progresses, the concept of fairness remains a vital cornerstone of our society. It's a principle we often apply in various aspects of our lives, from relationships and workplace dynamics to legal systems and beyond. Fairness is often viewed as a reflection of one's moral compass and integrity. However, one intriguing perspective suggests that your personality may play a crucial role in determining your sense of fairness. For strong women, this perspective becomes even more profound, and the saying "Put On the Full Armor Of GOD" provides a lens through which we can analyze this concept.

The Power of Personality

Our personalities are complex and multi-faceted, shaping how we interact with the world around us. They are a unique blend of traits, values, and experiences that influence our decisions and actions. As strong women, our personalities are often shaped by resilience, determination, and a profound sense of justice. These characteristics make us inherently driven to create a fair and equitable world.

The Armor of GOD

The phrase "Put On the Full Armor Of GOD" is a biblical reference from Ephesians 6:11-17, often associated with protection, strength, and righteousness. This powerful imagery can serve as evidence to analyze how a strong woman's personality influences her sense of fairness.

  1. The Belt of Truth: A strong woman's commitment to honesty and integrity forms the foundation of her fairness. She doesn't compromise her values for personal gain or convenience, maintaining a steadfast devotion to truth and fairness.

  2. The Breastplate of Righteousness: The breastplate symbolizes a woman's unwavering commitment to justice. She possesses a strong moral compass, safeguarding the rights and dignity of others, and ensuring that fairness is a cornerstone of her actions.

  3. The Shoes of Peace: Strong women often strive for harmony in their relationships and environments. They aim to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and open communication, creating a fair and peaceful atmosphere.

  4. The Shield of Faith: Faith in oneself and in the power of fairness propels strong women to overcome challenges. This faith becomes a driving force that allows them to fight for justice even in the face of adversity.

  5. The Helmet of Salvation: A strong woman's commitment to salvation represents her belief in a better future where fairness and equality prevail. Her vision keeps her focused on the greater good and encourages her to persevere in the fight for justice.

  6. The Sword of the Spirit: Knowledge and wisdom are a strong woman's greatest assets. Armed with information and a deep understanding of what is right and just, she wields her sword to challenge injustice and promote fairness.

Personality and Fairness in Strong Women

The armor of GOD metaphor illustrates the profound connection between a strong woman's personality and her commitment to fairness. Her innate qualities, including honesty, justice, and determination, are like the individual components of this spiritual armor, fortifying her ability to champion fairness.

As strong women, our personalities are a source of inspiration for those around us. Our resilience and unwavering dedication to fairness can create positive change in the world. We should embrace and nurture these qualities, allowing our personalities to continue shaping a more just and equitable society.


The saying "Put On the Full Armor Of GOD" reminds us that our personalities play a significant role in determining our sense of fairness. For strong women, this concept is particularly meaningful, as our innate qualities of honesty, justice, and determination align with the virtues symbolized by the spiritual armor. By recognizing the power of our personalities, we can continue to be catalysts for change, creating a fairer and more equitable world for all. Embrace your personality, and let it shine as a beacon of fairness in your personal journey.

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